Mosley vs Mayorga Fight: Time, Date, TV Info and Prediction

Blowing cigarette smoke into faces, cheeky slaps on the behind of fighter girlfriends, staged antics and ample trash talk, are just some of the tabloid ingredients that have gotten people talking about this weekend’s Shane Mosley vs Ricardo Mayorga fight.


Where, when and how to watch

Location: Forum, Inglewood, California, USA.

Date: Saturday, August 29th.

Fight time approx: 10pm US East Coast, 7pm West Coast and 3am (Sunday morning) UK/Irish time.

TV providers showing the fight: Pay per view in the US (check your local provider) and BoxNation TV in the UK/Ireland.

Controversy galore

There is a school of thought subscribed to by many fans that says this fight shouldn’t even be taking place, that these two guys are over the hill and are only pro-longing their fight careers unjustifiably.

They may well be right. But who is anyone to judge if these two established boxing names want to continue to earn a living, at the end of the day?

The story of this fight lays in the outside the ring carry on that has gone on in recent weeks, in a quite tasteless but nevertheless, entertaining, bid to promote it.

First we had a press conference that saw Ricardo Mayorga turn up smoking a cigarette and blowing smoke directly in the face of “Sugar” Shane, only for Mosley to slap the tobacco stick forcefully out of the Nicaraguan’s mouth.

Staged? Probably. Entertaining? Certainly.

Then of course we had this week’s “ass slap” that saw Mayorga incredibly slap the backside of Shane Mosley’s girlfriend’s back side in front of the media.

Staged? Definitely. Classless? Bingo.

From a boxing context, even at this advanced stage of both of men’s careers, the fact both boxers will still carry some sort of power, could make the fight entertaining for as long as it lasts.

Mosley at 44 and Mayorga at 41, are certainly no spring chickens at this stage of the game, however.

It also looked as though the fight was in doubt earlier this week, but now it is definitely going ahead after some brief legal worries.

When these guys engage on Saturday – someone more than likely will be getting knocked out.


Style-wise, there’s possibly a big gulf in all round skill level here, with Mosley certainly being the more polished and accomplished boxer out of the two.

But this could come down to who lands first on Saturday night, as after this week’s press conference madness that saw Mayorga actually slap the ass of Mosley’s girlfriend in a staged promotion, you’d have to think Mosley either way is going to want to start throwing heavy leather from the get go on Mayorga, staged or not.

Mayorga of course will be happy to oblige.

The Nicaraguan brawler has always had a very awkward and wild style in the ring but having only boxed twice in the last four years, might have a large amount of ring rust to contend with.

Even though Mosley is the older man he seems to still keep himself in terrific condition year round, whereas Mayorga is known to enjoy the finer things in life and lets just say, doesn’t exactly live up to the model athlete type lifestyle the many fighters strictly adhere to.

The bout is scheduled for twelve rounds but I can’t really see this one going the distance due to the clash of styles, and age of the two guys involved.

I wouldn’t be surprised if both guys start gun slinging from the hips, right from the get go. Mayorga certainly will anyway, that’s just the way he does business.

Will Mosley return the favour? I believe so. He also has a history of dealing with Latin American fight styles rather successfully.

I think this might prove to be the difference on Saturday night’s tabloid 154lbs clash.

Prediction – Mosley by KO/TKO

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(Video credit: ESNEWS)

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