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Video: Mayorga Slaps Mosley Girlfriend’s Ass (Outrageous)

You know, I’d like to say I was surprised when I came across this but when it comes to Ricardo Mayorga, all bets are off in that regard.


After legal threats (from Don King) that almost scuppered this weekend’s grudge match between “Sugar” Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga from taking place, the fight is now officially on and the final press conference took place yesterday (last night roughly European time).

Ricardo Mayorga of Nicaragua, is a man known for pulling press conference and weigh-in stunts in a bid to ruffle the feathers of his opponents, perhaps looking to get a mental edge this way going into his fights.

It’s had mixed results for him in the past, but what ensued at yesterday’s meeting in front of the media could be a new low, even for him.

While the two fighters were standing on stage at one point, Shane Mosley’s partner appeared to bend over to pick something up at, and Ricardo Mayorga took it upon himself to slap her on her ass as she did so.

Shane Mosley instantly went for Mayorga but was restrained by a number of security.

It’s unclear whether it was staged before hand between the two fighters and Mosley’s girlfriend, in a bid perhaps to boost ticket sales, but either way it’s a new one – even for boxing press conferences which can be controversial at the best of times.

Afterwards Mosley said he vowed to “kill him” in the ring on Saturday night. This fight has certainly garnered a lot of interest as a result of these transgressions over night…

Here’s what happened as shot by the folks at TMZ:

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