Video: Cotto and Canelo face off for the first time

The world boxing pot is bubbling ahead of Miguel Cotto vs Canelo Alvarez, with the two meeting for the first time in LA yesterday.


They both squared off at the fight’s official announcement press conference in LA, ahead of their titanic showdown on November 21st at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

As expected, both men showed a healthy level of respect – like they always do.

Trash talk is not a tool either boxer likes to employ, and the fight sells itself on genuine excitement and credibility alone.

Both guys were looking fairly relaxed at the face off, it must be said. Standing far away from one another and Cotto even having his hands in his pocket, it didn’t exactly convey much excitement from the two.

However it’s very early days yet, and no doubt this simmering Mexico vs Puerto Rico clash will begin to boil up more between the two in the coming weeks and months, as fight night draws closer.

Here’s what happened when the fighting middleweight prides of Puerto Rico and Mexico met head to head for the first time:

(Video credit: FightHub TV)

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