Talk about a potentially spectacular unification, as if the two fights on their own were not enough… And people say boxing is dead?


As per Michael Woods of The Sweet Science, Gennaday Golovkin’s handlers have said that the winner of the upcoming GGG vs David Lemieux fight will take on the winner of another gigantic fight this year, that sees Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez clash:

Winner of GGG vs Lemieux to face winner of Canelo vs Cotto

First thing’s first, fight fans already have a spectacular fight in Golovkin and Lemieux to look forward to on it’s own, but like always, fans always like to look a little bit ahead – it’s just in our nature.

If you may indulge me for a second, as a fellow fight fan, the thought of a potential Golovkin vs Lemieux and Canelo vs Cotto round robin type four-way box off, well, it’s a bit special really.

These are the type of fights that the sport of boxing globally needs, and indeed will help continue the sport’s fantastic momentum in recent years towards returning to where it used to be before and will be again – a mainstream sport.

In short, roll on both of these fights!

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