Canelo vs Cotto ticket prices apparently more than Mayweather vs Berto

One employee of MGM resorts has (apparently) revealed on Reddit the ticket prices for the upcoming Canelo vs Cotto mega match.


Although the price of the tickets have not been officially announced yet, the following certainly makes for interesting reading from a comparison perspective, showing how the demand for the two upcoming mega matches differ:

Mayweather vs Berto Ticket Prices:

– $1,500

– $1,000

– $750

– $500

– $300

– $150

Cotto vs Alvarez Ticket Prices:

– $2,000

– $1,750

– $1,250

– $650

– $350

– $150

The person claimed that it was sent in an email, and that he/she worked for MGM Resorts.

It is certainly interesting information in that it shows the dramatic decline in interest from Mayweather’s last fight against Manny Pacquiao to his next fight against Berto.

Although he is by far the biggest earner in all of world sports, it appears the Berto fight has been a very tough sell already.

Whatever the case maybe, these prices may not be too far off the mark, considering the magnitude of what Canelo and Cotto will likely generate, given their massive Mexican and Puerto Rican fan bases, but more importantly, hugely exciting fight styles.

When you weigh up the two fights, Mayweather vs Berto and Canelo vs Cotto, you’d have to say the latter will give more value for money and for this writer’s dollar, perhaps is rightly priced more expensively, at least according to the above’s speculation.

(Note: Image credit – Golden Boy Promotions)

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