Andy Lee Limerick Show Moved To Manchester Oct 10

In what came as disappointing news to many Irish boxing fans last night, it emerged that Andy Lee’s dream home coming defense of his world title at Thomond Park in Limerick, has now being switched to Manchester for October 10th due to the champion suffering from a virus.


Hat tip to Irish sports journalist Kevin Byrne who initially broke the story:

Andy Lee Limerick Show Moved

The lead promoter on the event Adam Booth and indeed team Lee, have yet to make any official announcement on social media yet, but the co-promoter on the event Frank Warren also confirmed the news on Twitter and on his website with a full statement that included comments from Booth:

Andy Lee Limerick Show Moved

Although this will disappoint many Irish boxing fans, the October 10th date that has been muted will provide an excellent opportunity for Lee still, as the card will also feature world title action in the form of Terry Flanagan.

Andy Lee and Adam Booth have yet to say anything themselves as it stands on social media, but expect an announcement in some shape or form later today.

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