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The Almost Maniacal Manny Pacquiao Training Routine

Pacquiao Gives Update

Manny Pacquiao is one of the biggest names in boxing, but what get’s the eight division world champion in shape to fight the very best fighters in the world?

Speed and Power

The Manny Pacquiao training routine is one of legend.

He carries real power, and his explosive combinations have seen him dismantle top fighters like Oscar De La Hoya, Miguel Cotto and Ricky Hatton in the past.

Pacquiao’s approach is power and speed. Manny’s training is quiet simple but gets the most out of him from swinging medicine balls, wheelbarrow carries and hitting a tyre with a sledgehammer.

There’s no complicated science behind these methods, it’s just what’s worked for certain fighters for many generations. These exercises build strength, stamina and most importantly for a puncher – explosive power.

Manny Pacquiao Training Routine – Plyometrics

“Pacman” also uses Plyometrics where muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time. These exercises increase a fighter’s power, speed and strength.

Some of the exercises Pacquiao would do with Plyometrics would be power skipping, squat jumps, splits, vertical depth jumps and push ups. Manny get’s less than a minute’s rest between sets, which is to simulate a fight night recovery demands.

For instance, Pacquaio’s push up circuit starts with his hands spaced narrowly on the floor, he then explodes up and comes back down softly. This circuit has four variations, but they all aim to achieve the same goal.

Balance, Stamina and Typical Regime

For balance, Manny would do some dumbbell work with rows and rear delt raises.

Pacquaio also incorporates long runs into his routine on sparring days, where he runs 30 minutes on flat surfaces so he can save his legs for sparring, but in non sparring days Pac will run for 1 hour (8 miles up hill).

His typical routine consists of running 8 miles which will help stamina, 8 rounds of shadow boxing, 15 rounds of sparring, 10 rounds of speed bag, 10 rounds of heavy bag, jump rope, ab crunches, knee ups, bicycle work, leg crunches, side crunches, Russian twists and ladder drills (speed).

We’ve all seen Pacquiao’s brutal sparring sessions at the Wildcard Gym, with the heat cranked up to full, Pacquiao picks apart his opponents by walking them down landing stinging combinations. If you want to achieve his power and stamina, you need several exercising equipment to improve your stamina, you can read the review on Cycle Boxer to help you with your total body workout.

Many people don’t agree with the Wildcard gym damaging sparring sessions however, where fighters would be going toe to toe in full fight mode a lot of the time.

Amir Khan was one fighter who didn’t like it when he was at the gym apparently.

Khan, Fortune and Freddie

Footage was released of Khan nearly getting floored by his sparring partner. But this is what works for Manny Pacquiao, and has won him multiple world titles by employing these training methods.

Some might say that over training was the reason Manny injured his shoulder before the Mayweather fight, Plyometrics is a tough work out and maybe he was pushed too much.

However, dumbbell work with rows and rear delt raises should have helped strengthen his shoulder area, in theory.

But you can’t argue that these methods really, as they have worked so well for Pacquiao for years, and I’m sure he won’t change them.

There are reports that his next opponent could be Amir Khan and for me, a fit Manny Pacquiao will simply knock Amir Khan out.

Freddie Roach and Justin Fortune will have Pacquiao in tip top shape the next time we see him step in the ring, no doubt about it.

Pacquiao still has some massive fight’ ahead of him so I’m sure he will stick with what has served him so well in the past with this hardcore training regime.