Tyson Fury Calls The WBA Out

Video: Tyson Fury’s Funniest Moments

Published On August 11, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

He may be on the cusp of challenging Wladimir Klitschko for the heavyweight championship of the world in a few short months, but this video just cracked us up.


On a slightly lighter note in boxing news, Tyson Fury has been a man who’s really had a few one liners in his time over the recent months, and indeed years.

Sure, he can be controversial, and not everyone’s cup of tea, but say what you will about him – he’s definitely one of boxing’s biggest characters.

All sports need characters, especially professional sports that are driven by fans buying tickets and watching on television.

Tyson comes in for a bit of flack in different quarters from time to time, but this post would like to defend the big man from Manchester a tad.

If you look passed some of his brash statements, you’ll see there’s a very clever, and actually rather funny guy doing his thing, in truth.

Imagine boxing in 2015 without characters like Fury? It would be a fairly boring place.

On that note, here’s a compilation from the folks at Boxing Legends TV of some of the UK heavyweight contender’s funniest moments to date, as he gets ready in the coming weeks and months ahead of what will be a much more serious task against big Wlad:

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