Mayweather and Berto met face to face in LA in front of the world’s media, and the “Money” man went on the attack against his critics.


In a fight that has come in for widespread condemnation from world boxing fans, Floyd Mayweather was in defiant mood at the first press conference announcing what he is saying will be his final fight this September, against Andre Berto.

He was also thankful for his father throughout the journey that has been his boxing career, along with some stern words towards the media in attendance.

He pointed out that the difference between his next opponent Andre Berto and his previous foe in what dubbed “The Fight Of The Century” against Manny Pacquiao, was that in essence the media had built up the Pacquiao fight into hype, whereas Berto will come to fight more.

This opinion will obviously cause a stir in the boxing sphere, and indeed the general global sports world such is Mayweather’s current holding within boxing.

We’ll let you decide however, as we always do. Here’s a brief clip of what Mayweather had to say on the above at the first press conference with Andre Berto:

(Note: Video credit – YouTube Channel)

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