The Anthony Crolla vs Darleys Perez Judging Travesty

The Anthony Crolla vs Darleys Perez Judging Travesty

Anthony Crolla vs Darleys Perez
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Manchester was left shocked last week after the travesty the scoring that followed the Crolla vs Perez WBA title fight. Crolla deserves to be World Champion, the WBA should have been sanctioning a rematch before Michael Buffer could even say “And still” – when we all know it should have been “And the new”.



We are a week removed from the Anthony Crolla scandal. Having watched the fight back my opinion has not changed, Crolla was robbed.

Last Saturday Anthony Crolla returned to the ring after a long lay off. Prior to his return, Crolla was attacked 7 months previously by burglars, as he tried to stop the breaking into his neighbours house.

Crolla’s ankle was broken and he was left with a fractured skull after being hit over the head with a concrete slab.

Before the attack, Crolla was on the brink of a world title shot – only to have it snatched away. Last Sarurday night was supposed to be the fairy tale night in Anthony Crolla’s career.

After all he had been through in those 7 months, surely nothing could go wrong, but unfortunately the judges on the night turned the fairy tale into a nightmare.

Dominant Performance

Crolla faced Darleys Perez for the WBA Lightweight title in his hometown of Manchester, and bossed the fight. You would struggle to give the Colombian even a round.

Never was the Englishman in trouble. Crolla rocked Perez early on and though he faded towards the end, most people would struggle to give Perez a prayer.

Perez even had 2 point deductions taken also, which makes the final decision even more laughable. When the fight ended the difference in emotions between the corners spoke volumes.

Crolla’s corner was overjoyed, as if the 7 months of struggle to get their man back in the ring had all been worth it. The Perez corner were dejected, they thought their fighter had lost his world title.

With both fighters waiting to learn their faith the scores where announced – the 3 judges had it 113-113 116-111 113-113.

The crowd fell quiet, just long enough to soak in what they had just heard – then the boo’s rang out. The look on Crolla’s face said it all, he knew he had been robbed.

Perez reacted as if he knew he was a very lucky man to still have his title. Crolla’s promoter Eddie Hearn was not impressed either afterwards: I can’t see how he’s not sitting here as the new Champion on the World”.

Crolla took to social media post-fight to express his disappointment (and rightly so): 

Anthony Crolla vs Darleys Perez


The scandal reverberated across the boxing world, with Amir Khan also weighing in:

“What a joke! Anthony Crolla won that fight for me, absolutely gutted! Amazing performance nevertheless, hope he gets another shot soon well deserved.”

Since then, promoter Eddie Hearn has emailed the WBA to complain about the scoring and has requested a rematch immediately.

Hearn has also said if the rematch isn’t sanctioned, he will pay out of his own pocket to get Perez back to Manchester.

Anyone with even an ounce of boxing knowledge will know that Crolla won that fight – Crolla deserves a rematch and I think he will get it.

Anthony “Million Dollar” Crolla indeed deserves a million dollars after coming back from what he went through.

Hopefully next time the final decision won’t be controversial and the true champion gets his hand raised at the end of the night.

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