VIDEO: Santa Cruz and Mares Face Off For First Time

Santa Cruz and Mares Face Off

Santa Cruz and Mares Face Off

If you love your boxing, yesterday’s news of Leo Santa Cruz’s and Abner Mares’s coming together in the ring later this year, well, was just generally brilliant.


Two men that come from very strong South American boxing backgrounds, and with both fighters being proud Mexican warriors , you better believe this one is going to generate some action.

In terms of picking a winner in this one early on, I’m inclined to lean towards Mares at this point in time, purely because I think he’s been fighting the higher caliber of competition – which I feel gives him an edge.

There is a school of thought that says Santa Cruz has had some rather, well, easy touches over his last four or five fights, while still bringing in substantial paydays for these less than competitive encounters.

Having said that, great athletes perform best when pressure is put upon them, and perhaps in fighting someone of the class of Mares, Santa Cruz will rise to the occasion and produce his best work yet.

Here’s what happened yesterday when these two Mexican machismo warriors came face to face for the first time, as shot by the folks at Hoop Jab:

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