The Side Of Floyd Mayweather The Media Will Never Tell You

The Side Of Floyd Mayweather The Media Will Never Tell You

The Side Of Floyd Mayweather The Media Will Never Tell You
Mayweather donating $100,000 towards breast cancer research. Image credit: Linda Quackenboss/Linda Q Photography

Floyd Mayweather the man – what he’s really like outside of the ring.



I came across something today that sparked memories on a topic that had previously occurred to me a while back on boxing’s most skilled exponent, Floyd Mayweather, pertaining to a light that is rarely portrayed on the man.

Having seen different pictures after doing some research, I felt compelled to tell a few home truths, as it were, on a subject that seems to have a stunningly limited amount of coverage available on it.

I’ve been writing about boxing non stop now for a number of years, and it’s always baffled me as to why the media never like to show the positive things that Floyd Mayweather has done.

Surely your job as a journalist is to report the truth in the best way you can? At least that’s my understanding of the profession.

Despite how Mayweather can often be purported in a less than stellar light by some quarters of the press, the reality of what he’s actually like, is a tad bit different.

He strikes me as a man who likes to keep his team close nit, his family and friends even closer to him. Likewise, these positive images and stories you see below, I’d suspect he also likes to keep low key – instead opting to do his talking with his actions.

Like anything in life, talk is cheap. It means nothing in reality.

Actions speak louder than words, and perhaps for that reason, it is seldom you rarely see political figures as sources of inspiration or people that are looked up to by the masses.

Floyd Mayweather is a man who talks the talk and walks the walk, inside and outside of the ring.

Here’s why.

Feeding The Homeless 

The Side Of Floyd Mayweather The Media Will Never Tell You
Image credit:

Not many realize Floyd Mayweather has been feeding the homeless of Las Vegas for years now. Vegas, despite it’s glitz and glamour, has a cold reality behind the bright lights, when you look a little closer.

The stark reality of poverty in Las Vegas is extreme, and not something you hear mentioned much, nor Mayweather’s energies towards helping alleviate it’s affects on the people who are worst hit by it in the area.

A man who remembers where he came from, before the money ride ever began.

Giving Back

The Side Of Floyd Mayweather The Media Will Never Tell You
Image credit: Team Mayweather

Something I’ve always found fascinating about Floyd as a man is his almost purposefully thankful nature. As a start up business person this year (as well as been a boxing writer), I’m always fascinated into how athletes and top businessmen project messages and positive energy to help them get to the top.

I’m not saying I believe in “The Secret” documentary, but I believe there maybe some small merit in some of it’s beliefs, in terms of how thinking positive thoughts can manifest a positive reality.

Floyd is always found giving thanks and mentioning how grateful he is, for various blessings in his life.

I think this giving back and grateful side is actually something that could have directly contributed to some of his success, besides his maniacal work ethic of course.

Wasn’t it Muhammad Ali who once said: “You are becoming what you are thinking”. I believe Floyd’s giving back mentality is a lesson in this. Give back, be appreciative, and the universe will give back to you, eventually.

I’m no philosopher – but that much makes sense to me.

Generous With Time, Not Just Money

The Side Of Floyd Mayweather The Media Will Never Tell You
Image credit: Floyd Mayweather Twitter

Floyd has also been known to be charitable to those in need in Vegas not just with his cheque book, but perhaps equally as importantly, with his time.

The above shot conveys the hidden side of the man they call “Money”, who contrarily to this marketing mantra in his chosen sporting profession, seems to be more about giving money back, rather than making it.

This side of Mayweather is also conveyed to me by the countless stories I’ve been told over the years, that never make the headlines. Stories of almost outrageous generosity to his friends, family and indeed employees.

Having traveled to Las Vegas a number of years back and having had the pleasure of talking to Floyd’s uncle Roger and some of team Mayweather, I can tell you from first hand experience, this man is certainly one of the good guys.

Don’t believe everything you hear.

Next time you see the welterweight champion on TV or online, think twice before you judge a book by its cover.

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