VIDEO: Mayweather vs Dummy

VIDEO: Mayweather vs Dummy

VIDEO: Mayweather vs Dummy

Floyd Mayweather took to his Instagram account this week to get a certain message out, in a rather entertaining clip it must be said.


He was of course targeting Manny Pacquiao (with some extroverted verbals) making light of the Pacquiao injury remarks that emerged after the two’s mega fight back in May.

Many non Mayweather fans will use this as an excuse to further berate himwith abuse, others will look at it for what it is – a light hearted skit.

Mayweather said:

“So Manny, you are out here telling people that I did not beat you fair and square, that this little arm is messed up. Is that right? Huh? Talk to me. Stop lying, stop lying!”, followed by a less than convincing assault on a defenseless dummy, who couldn’t hit him back…

What do you think, could the old money man be finally cracking up? Or could this be an attempt by Mayweather to build up some initial hype towards a potential rematch before the two retire?

Whatever the case, Pacquiao fans and supporters won’t be happy by this. We’ll let you decide, check it out:

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