Bernard Hopkins To Have 1 More Fight Before Retiring

Bernard Hopkins To Have 1 More Fight Before Retiring

He’s a man that’s defied age, common convention and the status quo for years. A modern day genius. But now, the final curtain is finally approaching at the age of 50 years old.


Bernard Hopkins has announced that he will have one last fight in the professional boxing ring this year, before he finally calls it quits at the remarkable age of 50.

Speaking to Fox Sports, Hopkins said “I’m looking to do one more historical, meaningful fight before I close out my 27 year career.

“Stay tuned; it will be against a well-known name. I’m looking to get a stamp approval on my legacy, from beginning to end.”

Many thought the great Philadephia fighter would have retired by now, at the age of 50, but for years he’s gone on to beat every type of odd that has been put against him, both in and outside the ring.

Speculation will now turn to who that final foe will be for Hopkins later in the year.

If he were to take on a legitimate world champion at the age of 50, win and then retire, you’d have to say he’s one of the best the sport has ever produced, based on pure accomplishments and longevity of career.

Whoever it is, Bernard will do it on his terms.

A man who did things his way and never backed down from anyone. Perhaps best summed up by his Frank Sinatra entrance music a few years back against Roy Jones in their rematch (below)

Whatever maybe next, Bernard Hopkins, we salute you.

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