Our Boxing Chat With Luton Fighter Michael Devine

Our Boxing Chat With Luton Fighter Michael Devine

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Picture: Michael Devine Twitter (@chunkyluton)

Recently we caught up with former Prizefighter finalist and current Southern Area super featherweight champion Mike “Chunky” Devine, who continues to climb the paid ranks with a record of 13-2-1 (4KO).


How did you find the Prizefighter format last December?

“Yeah it was different from what I’m used to, I made too many mistakes in those three rounds because you have to push the pace, I’m definitely a championship fighter because I come on strong in the later rounds. The format didn’t really suit me but I done well.”

Did you find the tournament beneficial in your development in your pro career thus far?

“Yeah it was a great experience to box on Sky but with my injuries I haven’t been able to capitalise on the success. It was the shot that I floored Danny Connor with, I ripped my shoulder muscles then later on in sparring in the New Year I ripped my rotator cuff and damaged my elbow.”

We see you share the same nickname as James DeGale. Was “Chunky” a nickname you had all your life?

“My mum actually gave it to me when I was a baby, obviously I was big, chunky baby. Years later I played a decent standard of football and the lads in my team asked if I had a nickname and I told them my mum used to call me Chunky and it stuck from there. We was a decent team, we won the league all the time. I still sign on every year to see if I can get a run out every so often.”

You challenge for the Southern Area title on May 16th against Adam Dingsdale, do you know much about him so far and what kind of challenge are you expecting?

“I’ve heard he was a good amateur, he boxed for England so he’s got a good background. As a pro, he’s boxed two big names and got beat so that tells me that he’s not at that level yet. Our records are identical but I got beat early on in my career and the other loss was the Prizefighter final over three rounds. I’m the harder hitter out of the two so it’s gonna be an interesting fight.”

After May 16th, how many more times would you like to get out before 2015 is out?

“Hopefully one more fight before the season finishes, I’ll be looking for the English title next. All being well, I’d like to be out another three times this year. That’s the one problem with my career, I keep getting injuries and can’t keep the momentum going when I’m on form, I’m 26 now so I’ve only got around four or five years left in the game.”

The lightweight division is absolutely on fire in Britain at the moment, with the likes of Anthony Crolla, Derry Mathews and Kevin Mitchell all near world level. How far do you think you’re away from taking a run at one of those guys?

“They’re all at world title levels so I wouldn’t be fighting any of them soon, I reckon I’m at British title level at the moment. I set goals for myself and obviously, winning the Southern Area was my first goal and then my next goal is the British and if I get the English on the way then it’s a bonus. After the British, then I’ll sit down with the team and set some new goals from there.”

Just before you go, the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight promises to be the biggest event in boxing history. What do you reckon, Mayweather or Pacquiao for the win?

“I think Mayweather will be too cute for him but I’d like to see Pacquiao do it. I like him as a boxer and as a person outside of the ring. Hopefully it lives up to the hype.”

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