Frampton Avalos Result: Sensational TKO ITV Debut For Carl

frampton avalos result

By Niall Doran


Last night in Belfast live on ITV and UTV Ireland, Carl “The Jackal” Frampton proved he is now arguably the second best super bantamweight on Earth after Guillermo Rigondeaux, and certainly one of the most exciting fighters pound for pound in world boxing with a scintillating five round battering of mandatory challenger Chris Avalos.

In the first and second round Frampton eased his way into the fight and the challenger Avalos did have his moments at times where he used his jab and reach advantage to good effect, forcing Frampton to up his game to get on the inside.

Frampton began landing hurtful right hands in the third and Avalos’ assurance that he had early on appeared to be gone as he began to try to stand toe to toe with a now bloody mouth.

Coming into the fourth Frampton must have known he was ahead on the scorecards and you could really see him coming fully into the fight, brimming with confidence. Avalos was looking clumsy at times and Frampton made him pay for every mistake with sharp, painful counters.

In the fifth round it looked like Frampton decided to unload everything on Avalos. He proceeded to land unanswered, devastating combinations square on the face of Avalos forcing the challenger to stumble backwards badly hurt, although too brave to go down.

The referee rightly stepped in and waved off the fight to save the challenger from his own toughness, as he was taking a savage amount of punishment.

After the fight Frampton candidly spoke of how he great he felt in the ring and how easy the night’s work was. Long standing rival and WBA super bantamweight champion Scott Quigg came into the ring also in the post fight interview to hype up a potential mega unification event in the summer between the two.

This is the fight that both fighters and the fans genuinely want next. Lets hope it happens. In closing, a superb display from Carl Frampton last night.

Probably his best to date.

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