Mayweather Pacquiao is Official; Houston We Have Lift Off!

mayweather pacquiao is official


By Niall Doran

Finally the world has got the news it has wanted for so long! Mayweather vs Pacquiao is official for May 2nd at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas. Official confirmation came from Floyd Mayweather on his Shots social media account a short time ago (picture above).

This is a truly historic day for the sport. It is understood that the purse for both for both fighters will be a minimum of a cool $250 million, with Mayweather guaranteed sixty per cent, Pacquiao forty per cent of all revenues.

The real number will inevitably be much greater than this when pay per view sales, international TV revenue, sponsorship, merchandise sales, gate receipts and close circuit TV income in the States are all totted up. You could be looking at the single largest sporting event to take place on one night in the history of pro sports, form a monetary perspective.

It is also understood that the event is a one fight deal with no rematch clause. It has been mooted that potentially there will only be two press conferences before the fight (no global tour) in it’s promotion and that perhaps there will be a documentary done on each fighter in promotion of the contest by each boxer’s respective TV network (Mayweather – Showtime, Pacquiao – HBO).

No doubt more details of this monumental event will become more apparent as the weeks and months leading up to May 2nd draw closer. Boxing fans around the world can now breath a collective sigh of relief.

Attention will now turn straight away to the contest itself, with many speculating the outcome already online around the globe. Mayweather starts as a favourite with the bookmakers but as we all know in this game, odds can often count for nothing when one single hard punch is landed.

All systems go for May 2nd.

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