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Happy New Year! 10 Potential Boxing Matches in 2014 to look forward to

by Niall Doran


boxing matches in 2014

By Niall Doran

What a year for boxing just gone was. 2013 gave us some genuinely competitive match ups (at least on paper before hand) between some of the world’s very best professional fighters.

From Mayweather v Canelo, to Donaire v Rigondeaux, to Froch v Kessler and many more. I think we can look back on 2013 as a real turning point of a year in boxing where we saw probably for the first time in a long time a real willingness from the powers that be to put on fights that fans really want to actually see.

I think this is down to the fact they simply have to now due to the competitiveness of the global combat sports market as a whole and no longer will the fans be fed champion vs miss match type opponents or cards that have no depth to them past the main event.

I believe we are now in a really good place as a sport globally and see the momentum of 2013 being built upon for many years to come and maybe, just maybe, boxing will get back to the massive sport on the back pages it once was before.

On that note, here’s a list of 10 potential boxing matches in 2014 I’d like to see come to fruition – feel free as always to drop in some of your own suggestions!

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