James Degale – Will “Chunky” fulfil Golden Amateur Potential as a Pro?

James Degale – Will “Chunky” fulfil Golden Amateur Potential as a Pro?

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By Niall Doran

James Degale is back in action this weekend against American Dyah Davis in Kent on Saturday. “Chunky” is now the silver WBC super middleweight champ so a win here, could propel him almost into a shot at the main belt should he look impressive on Saturday night.

If we are being honest Degale’s pro career from an exposure point of view has waned considerably the last couple of years since his close points defeat to George Groves in 2011. This is despite however Degale rattling off 6 straight wins since then. This could be attributed to a variety of reasons from changes in promotional stables, injuries and possibly calibre of opposition since Groves.

Some of the names he has fought have been tough guys, no doubt. But I think the realization that he may now be closing in on a world title shot sooner rather than later is now probably starting to dawn on the Olympic Gold medalist and I think we might see him raise his game a bit over the next 12 months accordingly.

I’ve always been a fan of Degale’s boxing skills. I think technically he does a lot of things really well and when he puts combinations together he can be a very hard man to beat indeed. I genuinely think if he were to face Groves again he would beat him. I think that pure grade he has since winning the Olympic Gold medal sooner or later will come to the forefront, its just a matter of time.

These next 12 months will be crucial for him and I think with a great trainer like Jim McDonnell in his corner, that he should be steered to a world title shot in some shape or form, more than likely against current WBC belt holder Sakio Bika, a man I certainly think he could beat.

As Floyd Mayweather says “skills pay the bills” and this fella for me has buckets of them.

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