Scott Quigg vs Carl Frampton – A fight that UK and Irish fans crave

Scott Quigg vs Carl Frampton – A fight that UK and Irish fans crave

Scott Quigg vs Carl Frampton - A fight that UK and Irish fans crave

By Niall Doran

Scott Quigg vs Carl Frampton, this has to be one of the most anticipated fights out there at the moment in Irish and UK boxing. I think we fight fans might just get our wish next year by seeing this mega domestic fight happen, maybe sooner than you might think.

Quigg maybe a man counting his chickens after last weekend’s razor thin and ultra tight contest where he came away with retaining the “regular” WBA super bantamweight title when the tricky unbeaten Cuban Salinas gave him plenty of problems early on, only for the fight eventually to be scored a draw. Quigg to his credit rallied well in the second half of the fight but I just wonder has that performance perhaps made a potential fight even more attractive with him and “The Jackal”, as Frampton’s camp may have been licking their chops after last weekend’s less than stellar performance from the usually electric Quigg.

Carl will be in what more or less is an IBF world title eliminator in a couple of weeks time against the tough Frenchman Parodi. Should he get past Parodi he will then in theory be mandatory challenger to the man who he knocked out last February who ironically now holds the belt to which he is trying to get at – Kiko Martinez.

The only thing that can ever super seed a mandatory defence by most governing bodies in pro boxing, is a unification bout. If Kiko was offered a unification bout this is the only thing that could possibly get in the way of Carl getting to him. I don’t think this will be the case though as more than likely Kiko will be gunning for revenge on the Belfast native anyway.

So when you think about it really, provided Frampton gets past Parodi he could find himself boxing Kiko again in February/March time, but this time with a world title on the line. That’s not really too far away is it?…

And of course now you have Quigg holding the WBA “regular” world title so now more than ever the fight could really start to make tremendous commercial sense. If they are both holding world titles you could easily make the argument for a pay per view event, maybe as early as next summer even. I’d certainly pay to watch it.

Then (in a perfect world of course) the winner gets the right then perhaps to take on the undisputed king at super bantamweight in Guillermo Rigondeaux in late 2014? I should have been a matchmaker!

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