Mayweather Bodyguards React To Speculation He Will Fight On

Two of the Floyd Mayweather bodyguards closest to the former champion have responded to rumours the American could box again.

Since Mayweather’s boxing match with Ireland’s Conor McGregor back in August most thought that was it for ‘Money’ in terms of an active boxing career.

But as the history of the sport has shown, often times fighters find it hard to walk away from boxing. Particularly if they are still able to generate significant pay days.

Money isn’t an issue for Floyd Mayweather anymore though and he has a number of outside the ring ventures to keep him occupied.

Speaking to TMZ at an airport, two of the Mayweather bodyguards responded to claims that he could still fight on in the future:

“Floyd is retired right now. We don’t know yet. Listen, Floyd doesn’t talk about it much. Would I like to see it? Absolutely. That was the best thing to ever be part of it. As of right now, he’s retired. So what he’s telling you he’s telling us. But you never know.”

Following the bout that extended his boxing record to 50-0, Mayweather was adamant that it was his last fight and that he was done with the sport as an active fighter.

McGregor at a recent speaking event in Glasgow mentioned he would like another shot at Mayweather. Whether that happens remains to be seen.

One would suspect that it won’t, though.