The Miguel Cotto and Freddie Roach combination to be unveiled Saturday

The Miguel Cotto and Freddie Roach combination to be unveiled Saturday

The Miguel Cotto and Freddie Roach combination to be unveiled Saturday

By Niall Doran

This Saturday will see Miguel Cotto and Freddie Roach team up for the first time when Cotto takes on Dominican Delvin Rodriguez at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida.

When I heard about this partnership for the first time a couple of months back it was something that caught my interest right away. Cotto has always been one of my favourite fighters. A man who really personifies what the term “fighter” is all about. A man who has avenged a suspicious defeat against Margarito, a man who has fought the very best in his career and a humble human being who continues to conduct himself as a gentleman and as a professional, in and out of the ring.

Of course inside the squared circle he is at times electric to watch with his all action style, vicious left hooks to the head and body and almost indestructible will to never give up. Freddie Roach without a doubt is one of the best trainers in the modern era which is conveyed through him already being in boxing the hall of fame. The reason I liked this combo straight away was because Freddie is really known for being a talented offensive-based trainer who tends to really bring out his pupils’ fire power attributes. Cotto is obviously a fighter with a hell of a lot of power!

I remember when Cotto first made a run at the world title in the early days. He was a young guy who ran through the 140 lbs division like a man possessed, knocking out folks left right and centre. I’ve noticed a little as he’s gotten older he has tended to box that little bit more. This is to be expected I suppose as naturally as a fighter gets older they gain more experience and are that little bit wiser and craftier. I just wonder could this pairing of him and Freddie Roach bring back some of that explosive, offensive and come forward with intelligent pressure style that Cotto used to have in his younger days. If so, we could be in for a real treat on Saturday night.

His opponent Delvin Rodriguez on paper may represent an opponent that Cotto should really be looking impressive against, but Cotto will have to be weary of the man from the Dominican Republic who will have a significant height and reach advantage over his Puerto Rican adversary and has notably taken the likes of Austin Trout and Ashley Theopane the distance.

For me though I think we could see a very exciting display from Cotto here and I would not be surprised if he starts whipping in some hurtful left hooks to the body early on, against the taller Rodriguez who’s long frame may work against him in this regard.

One of the world’s best trainers joining forces with one of Puerto Rico’s all time boxing greats will surely provide for a refreshed Cotto. It will be interesting to see what Roach adds to his armoury and current arsenal of shots in what will be a must win for Cotto who is coming off the back of two defeats to Mayweather and Trout respectively.

Check out this great 2min video from HBO on this dynamic new team of Miguel Cotto and Freddie Roach!

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