Kell Brook vs Carson Jones 2 – The Rematch

kell brook vs carson jones 2

By Niall Doran

Kell Brook vs Carson Jones 2: This Saturday’s rematch with Carson Jones should act as a decent barometer for measuring his improvement levels

What a difference a year makes. Since the last time these two young pugilists fought in Sheffield over a year ago, it seems a lot has taken place in the world of boxing, with regular high level world title fights getting consistently made month after month. However these two men have not been as fortunate due to inactivity and both have been blighted by consistent injury problems.

Kell Brook was scheduled to fight for the IBF welterweight championship against Devon Alexander this year, only for the fight to be called off three times, the first time due to an injury on Alexander’s part and the second two been on Brook’s end. It must be incredibly frustrating to go from fighting for a world title to not doing anything. Now he must refocus and set his sights firmly on the challenge that lies in front of him, a man who pushed him to the limit this time last year.

Carson Jones came into the first encounter with Brook as a relatively unknown quantity, this time round he won’t have that same luxury. I feel this could play heavily into Brook’s favour in terms of putting right mistakes from their first encounter. In the first fight Jones pushed him to the limit, even breaking his nose in the 8th round. It was apparent that Kell Brook’s stamina in their last fight was detrimental to his performance. That coupled with a broken nose of course will make it tough for anyone to breath. I for one thought he showed a lot of heart in those later rounds to battle on through the injury and obvious fatigue.

One thing I will say this week that impressed me about Carson Jones and could be cause for concern for Brook, is that he is doing a lot less talking this time around. He seems to be just focused on the brutal task that lies in front of him and is content to stay quiet in the build up to this one in contrast to last year when he was vocal to say the least.

This time around Kell Brook has a totally new nutrition and strength and conditioning team on board. I have been watching interviews of Brook this week, and more than anything I get the sense that he’s really looking to unload some frustration on Saturday night. He admitted during the week that there was times when he fell out of love with the sport in the last year because of all the problems but he is now looking to put that all behind him by taking out Jones inside the distance.

I remember I was one of those who had Carson Jones down for a relatively straight forward win for Kell Brook the last time the two fought, but this time around I think Brook will have made the adjustments needed.

This coupled with a spitefulness about him this week should be enough for him to get the win by KO/TKO.

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