Tyson Fury – The Boxer people seem to either Love or Hate

tyson fury

By Niall Doran

Ah Tyson Fury, the man that takes to Twitter whenever he has something on his mind, gotta love him really. I think he’s fairly comical most of the time and get the feeling that behind all the trash talk, controversial tweets and at times outrageous claims, that in fact he’s a fairly good guy just trying to promote his boxing career in the most extroverted way possible.

A lot of people don’t seem to like him, which I suppose is to be expected by some of the things he says from time to time. But for me the sport of boxing needs characters like him that speak their mind and try to create exposure for themselves, as let’s face it if everyone did what they were supposed to do all the time and say the right things – the world would be a fairly boring place!

What of his career thus far though? Well at the age of 25 he’s certainly built up an impressive record for a heavyweight, who at 25 is still incredibly young with most heavyweights not maturing usually until around 30. He’s gone 21-0 with 15 KOs and has survived knockdowns and adversity which for me shows he has a lot of heart.

He started off his career with wins over decent domestic opposition in John McDermott and Dereck Chisora and lately has beaten established Americans like Kevin Johnson and Steve Cunningham. Sure he got the fright of his life against Cunningham when he was floored in the first round. But he did get up and go on to knock Cunningham spark out. What a lot of people also don’t realise is that his mentor, uncle and trainer Peter Fury could not travel with him to New York for that fight due to visa complications, and I feel this was a huge contributory factor into Tyson’s under performance. Considering prior to that I thought he put on arguably his best boxing display to date against Kevin Johnson.

What of all this talk with a potential mega Irish and British showdown with him and David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye. I know Froch vs Kessler was big, but bloody hell, if this fight were to happen it would certainly be the biggest fight on our side of the Atlantic this year, if not for the last decade. I mean, just imagine the entertainment and value for money fight fans would not just get in the ring (two guys with serious punches and at times can go down) and outside the ring (perhaps two of the best trash talkers in world boxing alongside Floyd Mayweather). Figures of £5m each are been thrown around at the minute but I can’t help but think both fighters could stand to earn a lot more in this potential box office extravaganza.

Talks are said to be very positive as of late between the two fighters managements teams, here’s hoping us fans will get another mega fight this year!

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