Watch: Adrien Broner vs Blair Cobbs, Broner Loses It

Adrien Broner vs Blair Cobbs

Ahead of the Adrien Broner vs Blair Cobbs fight Broner is playing a dangerous game with some explosive, almost crazy remarks here.

Broner is known to go off the rails sometimes.

However he’s focused for his fight this weekend. Extremely so as this shows (warning: foul language used)

Broner is extremely ready for this fight at the weekend. More than usual.

He seems to want it badly but needs to be careful on some of the language above.

These things sometimes happen at elite level world championship boxing.

Where fighters are chomping at the bit ready to do damage to one another.

The sweet science at the highest level is also the hurt business.

This weekend actually shows some genuine interest by many to see if Broner may in fact be finally back.

He is a four-weight world champion after all.

This weekend will tell a lot.

He’s been training diligently with pound for pound star Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis too ahead of this one.

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