Watch: Undefeated Undisputed World Champion Beauty Seniesa Estrada Throws First Pitch At LA Dodgers

Seniesa Estrada

Something that went under the radar as the rise of women’s boxing in America continues with another star Seniesa Estrada.

America’s past time of baseball met women’s professional boxing recently. Not only a big deal for boxing but for women’s sport in general.

The honor of throwing first pitch at LA Dodgers stadium is usually only given to the biggest of celebrities.

Local LA celebrity and unbeaten, undisputed, unified women’s minimum weight champion Seniesa Estrada did so recently:

Estrada is currently 26-0-9 KO and is one of the biggest names in women’s boxing in America.

She currently holds all the belts (IBF, WBC, WBO and WBA) at minimumweight (the lightest weight possible).

That’s 105 lbs for the 31-year-old who goes by the moniker ‘Super Bad’.

(Photo courtesy of Seniesa Estrada Facebook account)

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