Mike Tyson Jake Paul Age, Height and Reach Difference

Mike Tyson Jake Paul Age, Height and Reach Difference

The Mike Tyson Jake Paul age, height and reach differences are important to consider going into their July 20th mega fight.

The upcoming Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight is not just a clash of personalities, brands, and larger than sport names.

There is a physical difference that stands out between the two.

One is a lot younger, taller and has better reach. The other has more experience and power.

Tyson, a seasoned veteran who dominated the heavyweight division in the 80s and 90s, will be 58 years old at fight night.

Age In This Case Is A Big Talking Point

A full 31 years older than the 27-year-old Paul.

This significant age difference raises questions about Tyson’s ability to keep up with the younger, more agile Paul, who may look to gas Tyson out.

The rounds are two minute rounds mind you, so this should favor Tyson.

As well, Tyson’s vast experience and ring intellect could prove invaluable against the relatively inexperienced Paul, still, just a novice professional boxer, after all.

Height Advantage: Paul’s Reach

Standing at 6’1″, Jake Paul holds a three-inch height advantage over the 5’10” Mike Tyson.

This is something that Paul may use to his advantage, or, maybe not.

Tyson used to do well against opponents who were taller than him, mostly, back in the day.

Anyone near his own height like Paul he tended to flatten.

A real 100 per cent killer fighter, Tyson.

However, this height difference could allow Paul to utilize his jab effectively, in theory, and keep Tyson at bay.

Tyson knows how to slip a jab mind you and up at heavyweight for the first time, it will be interesting to see how Paul’s speed transfers to the added weight.

Additionally, Paul’s 76-inch reach gives him a five-inch advantage over Tyson’s 71-inch reach.

This is the big one, really, that Paul can use over Tyson if he knows how to.

Thus, potentially enabling him to land punches from a distance on the outside, while avoiding Tyson’s power shots which will rely on Tyson getting in close quarters to medium range.

Reach and Strategy: A Key Factor Potentially

The reach advantage could be a crucial factor in this fight.

This and Paul’s youth are his biggest advantages by far.

Paul’s longer reach might allow him to dictate the pace and distance of the fight.

It would be dependent on getting a quick start though and frustrating Tyson and limiting his ability to unleash his devastating power.

Tyson will have other plans.

He’ll come out guns blazing in round one.

Some rumors say that if Tyson wins by knockout that it’s in his contract that he earns less.

If that’s the case, which is garbage from Jake Paul to stipulate, Tyson should take less and knock him out anyway – the honorable, right thing to do.

He’ll still earn great and do better afterwards.

Overall, Tyson’s experience and ability (not just physical but his boxing knowledge) to close the distance could neutralize Paul’s reach advantage. It could nullify it entirely.

Making this a fascinating tactical battle early on, round one will be absolutely crucial.

Tyson won’t be deterred by anything but needs to get a quick start and a good first round.

Youthful Energy vs. Experienced Veteran Who Knows All The Setups and Traps Of The Boxing Game

Sure, while Paul’s youth and athleticism could be advantageous, Tyson’s experience and ring generalship cannot be underestimated at all.

Tyson has been around boxing his whole life and knows the sport inside out.

Tyson’s ability to read his opponents, time his punches, and capitalize on openings, Tyson is a clever operator in the ring, could prove decisive at moments in the fight.

Certainly against the less experienced Paul. People forget Paul has never fought up at heavyweight.

The division is a totally different ball game.

Its almost like a different sport and Tyson knows it well.

A crafty veteran like a well-trained and optimal performance ready Tyson will approach this intelligently on the night, calculated, calm, going forward.

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