Is Winner of Tyson Fury vs Usyk Pound for Pound Number 1 Contender alongside Crawford and Inoue?

Is Winner of Tyson Fury vs Usyk Pound for Pound Number 1 Contender alongside Crawford and Inoue

In the world of boxing, the pound-for-pound rankings hold great significance. These rankings aim to determine the best boxers in the world, regardless of weight class.

With this weekend’s clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk, the question arises: Is the winner of this bout a worthy contender for the pound-for-pound number 1 spot, alongside Terence Crawford and Naoya Inoue?

Making A Case For Both

Both Fury and Usyk are highly skilled athletes who have achieved remarkable success in their respective careers. Fury, known for his towering height and impressive reach, has proven his dominance in the heavyweight division.

On the other hand, Usyk, a former undisputed cruiserweight champion, has seamlessly transitioned to the heavyweight division and showcased his technical prowess.

To determine if the winner of this bout deserves to be considered alongside Crawford and Inoue as pound-for-pound contenders, we must analyze their individual accomplishments and skills.

Bud and The Monster

Terence Crawford, the current WBO welterweight champion, has demonstrated exceptional boxing technique and power, earning him a spot among the best.

Naoya Inoue, a Japanese boxing sensation, has earned multiple world titles in different weight classes and is hailed for his explosive punching power.


In terms of accomplishments, Fury holds an impressive record.

He became the WBC heavyweight champion after defeating Deontay Wilder in a highly anticipated rematch.

Fury’s victory showcased his ability to adapt and outbox his opponents. Usyk, on the other hand, unified the cruiserweight division, becoming the undisputed champion.

His technical skills and footwork make him a formidable opponent for any fighter.

While Fury and Usyk’s achievements are undoubtedly noteworthy, it is important to consider the overall body of work of Crawford and Inoue.

Dominance In Division

Crawford has dominated the welterweight division, earning titles in multiple weight classes.

His versatility and skill set have solidified his place among the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

Inoue, often referred to as “The Monster,” has showcased his devastating knockout power and precision in the ring, making him a force to be reckoned with.

In terms of skill, each fighter possesses unique strengths.

Fury The Unorthodox One Out Of The Bunch

Fury’s size and reach advantage, combined with his fluid movement, give him an edge in the heavyweight division. Usyk’s technical abilities and ring IQ make him a challenging opponent for anyone he faces.

Crawford’s boxing IQ, power, and ability to switch stances seamlessly make him a formidable force.

Inoue’s explosive power and precision punches have earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting fighters to watch.

Considering all these factors, it is difficult to definitively determine if the winner of Fury vs Usyk deserves to be placed alongside Crawford and Inoue as a pound-for-pound number 1 contender.

The pound-for-pound rankings often rely on differing opinions and can vary among different boxing experts and fans.

Ultimately, it will come down to the performance and achievements of the fighters in question.

Boxing enthusiasts eagerly await the outcome of the Fury vs Usyk bout to witness the clash of two exceptional fighters.

The winner will undoubtedly make a strong case for being considered among the pound-for-pound elite alongside Crawford and Inoue.

However, only time will tell if the victor can truly stake their claim as the number 1 contender in the pound-for-pound rankings.

A Fun Fan Debate But One With More Merit In Recent Years

In conclusion, the question of whether the winner of Fury vs Usyk deserves to be placed alongside Crawford and Inoue as a pound-for-pound number 1 contender remains open for debate.

The outcome of this highly anticipated bout will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the pound-for-pound rankings.

Boxing fans worldwide eagerly await the verdict and anticipate the continued rise of these exceptional athletes in the sport.

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