John Fury Reacts To Headbutting Usyk Team Member

John Fury reacts to headbutt

Tyson Fury’s father headbutted a member of team Usyk today as fight week gets underway in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking to IFL TV John Fury said of the incident:

“It’s the fight game. Emotions were running high. At the end of the day I was sat there minding my own business. All I could hear was Usyk, Usyk, Usyk. I’m going to stand up for my son.”

He added:

“When I was in among them all I could hear was badness. Some little idiot come forward. I don’t know who he was. In me space and he got what he got. Every day of the week for me.”

There you have it.

It appears John Fury apologized also for the incident today in Saudi Arabia.