Watch: 57-Year-Old Mike Tyson Smashing The Pads With Ferocity Ahead Of Jake Paul Fight

Mike Tyson Smashing The Pads

In a fight that has got the combat sport world talking, for better or worse, it is happening.

And the reality is many people around the world are interested in it.

Not forgetting, too, of course, Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano’s world title fight is also on the undercard.

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is back at work:

(Hat tip Mike Tyson Twitter and akhiTV YouTube)

Is he doing it for the 20 million bucks?

Yes and no — mostly no.

Tyson thrives on challenges and good energy.

Does he need the money? No.

Mike Tyson is a smart, smart man, with many businesses the general public don’t even know about.

That said, YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul getting the 30 million, and it not being 25 million each straight down the middle, is a bit saucy.

Mike Tyson is 57-years-old but still carries punching power, and that power is the last thing to go.

Nobody wants to see a fight legend seriously injured at his age, however.

Tyson was called a ‘Unicorn’ today and if he pulls off a knockout or win, of some description, he will once more have made the impossible possible.

The fight with Roy Jones a few years ago different to this type of pugilistic miracle, though.

All in all, it’s a fight that has split opinion and got people talking, that’s for sure.

The fight takes place July 20th.

It will take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA.