Watch: Canelo v GGG 3 Fight Highlights

Canelo v GGG 3 Fight Highlights

In a tremendous back and forth battle over the weekend Canelo Alvarez came out on top in the third fight with Gennady Golovkin.

Here are the full Canelo v GGG 3 video fight highlights:

Great chess playing from Canelo.

Nice and easy, relaxed in his boxing-clever — coasting to victory style of fighting.

Always had his front foot inside that of GGG’s front foot for the most part.

Whether pressing the attack or boxing off the back foot.

High, tight guard and kept his hands up throughout the contest.

Sharp-shooting combinations with the straight right hand proving effective at times.

Both from short, mid and long range.

Impressive counter straight right hand in the pocket at times in particular.

Similar to how Mayweather used to throw it at close quarters.

Keeping his left hand high guard, left elbow tucked in to defend from body attacks.

Almost a hint of shoulder roll in the left shoulder while throwing the right hand in the pocket.

In case of instant return fire when inside fighting.

The jab proving key for Canelo in the fight.

The younger lion beating the older adversary on the night.

A technical boxing display of which you could really see Canelo had learned a lot from the Mayweather loss years ago.

Still applying what he learned on the night over the weekend.

Dictating the pace of the fight.

Some good feints with the jab also and never predictable.

Always changing pace and tempo.