With All The Fight News Is The World Coming To An End Where Does It All End For Earth

Seems like there is a lot of fight news all the time at the moment in different regions of the world.

As usual, no worries long-term of course.

Is the world coming to an end, or the beginning of a new chapter for the planet, like it had before perhaps?

Who knows?

Gets you thinking about how the end comes about for the world.

Best not to harp on or focus too much on the negativity daily with all the new fight news and just enjoy the voyage one day at a time 🙂

Sometimes you’d think about the end of the Sopranos, maybe the best TV show ever created, in this regard.

And how the writer of the show, David Chase, left the end up to the minds of the individual viewer watching.

In that, no one really knew what happened at the end and then, just, bang, it ended.

Who knows, hopefully the world will be around for many more hundreds of years yet and no UFO’s or robots taking over just yet no worries don’t stop believing no worries:


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