Sugar Ray Leonard On Two Important Men For The World

Sugar Ray Leonard Remembers Two Important Men For The World

Sugar Ray Leonard of course is known as one of boxing’s great legends.

And rightly so.

An electric fighter when on form.

So many great fights over the years.

In an important month Leonard remembered two giants of humanity:

Two legends of the world in their own rights too.

You’d wonder what either of the two above would think of the times we are living in at the moment.

Looks to be too much fear in the world but things definitely getting better though bit by bit.

Certainly plenty of boxing to look forward to this year again.

Boxing has shown what a sport can do and grow time and time again worldwide. Even in these times.

People like to try to say that everyone is complaining in the world a lot in these times due to social media but perhaps some have lost sight of being grateful for what they have.

Storms pass at the end of the day in the spiritual world, and if you really believe in God, any demonic or bad (bad spirits some refer to them in the spiritual world — each to their own) forces lost all power over you. They can’t do anything. Not a single thing 🙂 ? Being open and open minded — is to actually not be conformed to the ways of world anymore (Romans 12:2) and focus on the Bible even more — in these times certainly hugely important. Each to their own though whatever makes you happy 🙂

God knows none of us are perfect but just wants us to improve surely. Life is all about moving on and improving 🙂

Always try to be kind but there’s a balance to everything — love thy neighbor as they self comes to mind but hence on the ‘thy self’ part also as too many don’t love themselves first. Simple things like eating well good diet, exercise, fresh air etc. surely helps 90 per cent of people.

That’s the reality of it.

The pointless fear seems to come about through mixed messaging that the now (largely) defunct legacy media narrative often pushes.

The reality is you are more powerful than you even know.

If you believe in God you are commanded to have no fear. Not a suggestion — but a command. Anxiety is in everyone it looks like in the world. Silly. Pointless. Achieves nothing.

Discernment always great too of course.

Life is good even in dark weather and storm times, God is all around us — everywhere you go 🙂

Each to their own.

Stay safe 🙂