Tyson Fury Runs Into Star From The Sport Of Soccer

WBC and lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is just back from Dubai and looks like he’s launching energy drinks and the whole lot and going from strength to strength.

Heavyweight division of course is on fire.

Many criticize today’s era of heavyweights and boxing but this heavyweight era is very good in fairness.

People will look back at this era of heavyweight fondly at some point you’d have to think.

Fury on his return ran into a well-known soccer player from the UK known as Ray Parlour:

Parlour formerly of Arsenal club had a tremendous career and perhaps like Fury — at points in his sportsman’s career — underestimated at times.

Of course in that school of thought many will remember a certain Tim individual on commentary getting it badly wrong in an FA cup one time on underdog Parlour’s ability — only for Parlour to produce this back in the day: