Mike Tyson Drops Truth Bomb In More Ways Than One

Mike Tyson Drops Truth Bomb In More Ways Than One

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson every now and then has been known to drop some great wisdom bombs.

Outside of his boxing career these days Tyson hosts podcasts among other media outlets which have proven popular over time in the new media world.

Latest being this one:

Mike Tyson on Twitter: “When we’re born, there’s only a certain amount of time we have until we die. The question then becomes, what are you going to do with this time?” / Twitter

Best thing anyone can do with their time in the up and down voyage of life is this guaranteed works every time like magic 🙂

Each to their own but works like a charm every time through ups and downs, health and sickness, God is so real its crazy, can comeback from anything.

This not a bad watch for those trying to think of it a different way, too, all comes back to the Bible at the end of the day, surprised it took him this long to get this 🙂

Bingo. Powerful stuff for sure.

Each to their own.

Much love.

Another great nugget of wisdom from Tyson above.