Boxing Fans Agree With Hall of Famer On Christmas Dinner

Merry Christmas.

What a day today is to be fair.

Christmas dinner always a treat.

Wherever in the world you might be at the moment enjoy your food today.

Hall of Fame boxing promoter Frank Warren’s Twitter account has come up with a genius metaphor for dinner today to be fair.

Here here:

Very good.

Fury above had another good year in boxing.

Defeating Deontay Wilder in their trilogy.


Merry Christmas 2021 To Our Readers From Boxing News And Views

It will be interesting to see what Fury does next up.

Who he will fight.


And when.

Heavyweight division as well as boxing absolutely on fire at the moment.


British Prime Minister Agrees With Boxing Legend

British Prime Minister Agrees With Boxing Legend

Us boxing fans can’t complain.

Merry Christmas.


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