Watch: Potential Future Champion Hitchins Impresses Fight Fans

We need to somehow find more time to watch more of all these new prospect’s fights.

So many tremendous young boxers breaking through now it is hard for fight fans to keep with all the platforms and TV channels worldwide surely.

Richardson Hitchins showed progress again at the weekend and has been commended by many fight fans with this display on FS1 last weekend:

Very good.

You can see him almost thinking in there about how to go from that almost Mayweather defensive shell to then instantly countering with the straight right hand over the shoulder but patient enough to not panic either.

Good high-guard too.

Surely a prospect for boxing fans to keep a look out for in the years ahead.

Nice to see all this boxing on FS1 too over the holidays.

Live boxing on Christmas day no less from New Jersey on Fox too.

Roll on.

Hitchins went 13-0-5 KO with the win last weekend.

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