George Foreman On The Good Old Days With Archie Moore

All-time great Archie Moore (183-23-10-132 KO) had one of the biggest in duration careers in professional boxing for his times.

The longest-reigning light-heavyweight champion of any time.

Perhaps he doesn’t get mentioned in today’s times enough.

A mid-distance genius who broke his opponents down bit by bit over time.

Good chin and durability too.

A technician with sublime defense and countering ability but offensively excellent when the opportunity came to go through the gears rapidly.

Oldest heavyweight champion of all-time George Foreman remembers him fondly:

For boxing fans of today’s time — for more on Moore (pardon the pun) — this interview from his son on Muhammad Ali by a local Fox station enjoyable:

The below two as well.

For a look back at the ‘Old Mongoose’ boxing career these are enjoyable watches: