Watch: Canadian wins on comeback road from Golovkin loss by knockout

Canada’s Steve Rolls recorded the 12th knockout of his professional career on Friday night in Montreal.

The super-middleweight’s only loss came to Gennady Golovkin a couple of fights back.

He’s back on the horse however and up again with his 2nd knockout win since:

Terrific showing from Rolls.

Canadian boxing fans enjoy American boxing a lot the last few years seemingly.

But there hasn’t been a whole lot of world champions that much for them to get behind themselves from there.

Maybe Rolls can be the next big man on Maple Syrup campus in this regard.

The next Canadian boxing head honcho as it were.


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The Canadian boxing-bigwig big-wheel so to speak.

If he is to become the next Canadian boxing big kahuna, sweet science big cheese or noble art top-dog, fat-cat from Canada, he will need to keep winning like the above.

He will need to keep rattling a few cages and keep the momentum going.

This weekend’s win improved Rolls’ record to 21-1-12 KO.

Maybe another a title shot could be forthcoming for the 37-year-old if he keeps racking up knockout wins.


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