Class Act Gesture From Heavyweight Champion To Former Champion

Class Act Gesture From Heavyweight Champion To Former Champion

With Christmas just around the corner lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has been in festive spirit having bumped into a former boxing legend.

This great moment here captured:

Very good.

Class act.

Michigan’s Pinklon Thomas had a professional record of 43-7-1-34 KO.

An excellent fighter in his time.

He was the first IBO heavyweight champion.

For more on him here is some of his fights in the ring:

Outstanding jab.

Good to see Fury taking the time of his day to chat with a former champion.

With Christmas around the corner and the world not looking in too great shape — always good to see moments like the above.

No doubt some of the small few government workers in richer Western countries will be swallowing plenty of blood with their Christmas ham and turkey this year around the table.

For the damage they did their countries and people this year during the world situation in how they dealt with it.

Not literally figuratively of course.

What comes around goes around. The universe and all that.

People paying a serious price for damage to their economies and countries by a small few ‘politicians’ and ‘civil servants’. Terrible. It is what it is.

No good.

Keep the faith though.

God is good.

The wheel always turns.

Big year for boxing thankfully.

Much bigger year for the sport next year.

As for Fury he has a big 2022 ahead of him.

So many options and the heavyweight division is well and truly buzzing again.


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