George Foreman Clarifies What Ali Told Him Seconds Before Fight

We spoke on here before about what George Foreman said Muhammad Ali told him the first time they met.

Years later they would meet in the ring.

However one bone of contention has always been what was it that Ali actually said to Foreman in the mountains before their iconic fight.

‘The Rumble In The Jungle.’

Foreman spoke about this in the past but had to reclarify the matter after some false speculation was levelled at Ali recently.

George Foreman has clarified once again what Ali said to him in the moments before they came out for round one:


Ali always with the quick wit and humor.

The inventor of trash talk that is seen in boxing in today’s times.

However as the above illustrates he always done with a bit of fun and rarely any foul language.

Done without malice.

Ali wasn’t just just one of the best fighters that ever lived.

He was one the best all-time promoters too.

A rare individual the likes of which will never be seen again surely.

Here’s a look back at that iconic fight:


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