Watch: Video Shows Full Canelo Alvarez Word Title Haul

Some may suggest that world titles are not as important anymore in boxing.

While an element of that with some audiences may represent truth.

To others it doesn’t.

The concept of a world champion capturing a belt and title has been around forever.

It is going nowhere.

If you don’t like it go somewhere else.

What does need to improve though is the clarity and communication of what belts matter.

Crucially only complementing fights where the best are genuinely fighting the best.

Not predictably as nothing is predictable. Ever. But consistently.

Who is who. What is what and so on.

One title per organization for world champion and so on. At it’s core outside of the occasional commemoration belts and the like maybe is okay only for the mega events. Stuff that genuinely means something for boxing history.

Promotion and marketing of said events though shouldn’t be built around them for maximum clarity for potential boxing, sport and casual entertainment consumer B2C audiences. Who’s to tell anyone how to run their business though. We’re all idiots.

At any rate here are four recognized belts in the modern boxing era and last weekend Saul Canelo Alvarez unified them all undisputedly:

Impressive to say the least. Some say you only need three out of the four to be undisputed in today’s times. Given just how difficult it is to get everything to align to make one of these four belt fights happen.

Each to their own.

As for Alvarez.

Surely a fight with David Benavidez will be next for Alvarez which.

A tremendous match up in the super-middleweight division.

For now though he’s earned a well-earned rest after a busy twelve months.

At just 31 to have been involved in 20 world title fights already so far.


To have been as active he’s been in the last year.

Very few can say that in today’s times in boxing.

Throwback fighter.

Boxing is in safe hands with him as pound for pound number one best fighter in the world at the moment as 2021 nears end.


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