Puerto Rican American Edgar Berlanga Makes Big Promise

In terms of young contenders breaking through in boxing in 2020 you’d have to say Edgar Berlanga was up there as one of the most exciting punchers of the young fighters.

In many ways he’s one of the most exciting prospects in boxing to watch out for already.

He has now said however in two fights he will be:

“In two more fights I’m going to be the most exciting fighter in boxing.”

Heck of a fighter Berlanga but how he is matched will be key.

He has already shown tremendous mental strength to improve and get stronger like he did through all the lockdowns and so forth.

The main thing here is to keep his feet on the ground, stay humble and keep working.

Certainly one of the big prospects in world boxing at the moment no doubt.

Currently his professional boxing record is 17-0-16 KO.


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