Tyson Fury Gives Prediction On Conor McGregor Fight

Boxing in some regards takes a back seat this weekend with the return of Conor McGregor.

With that being said, it ties in with boxing now, moving forward, when he fights, as he has said he expects to go back to boxing soon and challenge one day for a world title in boxing.

For that reason, as regards a narrative update, it is big news in boxing when he fights. Simple as that.

Whenever and against whomever he fights, it won’t be long before he is in a professional boxing ring. Sooner than you might think.

So much so, lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is one of the many in boxing to give his take to the UFC on the big fight this weekend:

Certainly a big fight this weekend involving ‘Mystic Mac’.

No doubt the Dubliner from Ireland will capture world attention once again if he were to win.

It is thought, after that, he could then target a boxing match against Manny Pacquiao in the boxing ring.

After this weekend if he wins. That is no guarantee.


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Canelo Shows His Metal With New Russian Target

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