Canadian Female Boxer’s Dream Still Alive and Lennox Lewis Reacts

Former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Lennox Lewis fought for Canada at amateur level in the Olympics.

Capturing Olympic Gold.

He knows about the bureaucracy than can come along with amateur boxing.

As an Irishman once said ‘it stinks to the core’. He wasn’t wrong.

Well, they are looking to clean it up this year a bit, thankfully, in Tokyo, where all eyes will be on boxing later this month.

Hopefully no one screws anything up.

Considering the fiasco that happened in Brazil last time where much corruption took place and boxing was nearly kicked out of the Olympics permanently.

Various individuals have been taken out of the equation correctly moving forward ahead of this year’s games to stop this from happening again. It promises to be an exciting Olympics for boxing and for boxing fans around the world.

Ahead of it, a bit of positive news has come for this female fighter from Canada here, Mandy Bujold:

Lennox Lewis reacted by saying:


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