Watch: Controversial Women’s Boxing World Title Fight Stoppage

Chantelle Cameron defended her world title tonight in Las Vegas in impressive fashion but the nature of the stoppage on the night proved to be a bone of contention.

Granted, her opponent Hernandez was not likely to win the fight but with that being said, with it being a world title fight, many were not content with how the bout was actually stopped by the referee.

Here are the full fight video highlights and go to the end to see the stoppage:

Another win for Chantelle Cameron however who moves to 14-0 as a professional.

Testament to the depth in women’s boxing now at the highest level.

It is just a case for them getting more exposure and crucially, quality matchmaking.


Blonde Bombshell Grabs Attention By Blasting Women's Boxing Stoppage

Blonde Bombshell Grabs Attention By Blasting Women’s Boxing Stoppage