Lennox Lewis Makes A Good Point In Light Of Boxing History

Boxing has a magnificent history of champions.

Comparable with any sport.

This weekend Josh Taylor added his name to boxing history with his modern day version of capturing the undisputed championship.

In his particular weight class. Super-lightweight. 140 lbs.

It’s not often done in boxing history.

The way all the titles are set up today is obviously different from back in the day.

Lennox Lewis was also a great undisputed champion in his era. He seems to get left out of all-time great champions lists sometimes however.

He posted this on Twitter during the week which says a lot when it comes to boxing history:

“Information is not knowledge. The source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom” – Albert Einstein

Indeed. Truer than ever. Particularly in today’s times’ pointless, irrelevant noise-information overload.

Distractions and nothing more. You need to disseminate and discern for yourself.

Further to the above, consider this.

Wisdom is acquired by putting experience into relative practice.

Self-actualization if you will, for the cynical small few (not all the majority though) academics who try to define everything along human standards, wrongly often, as they never can with everything based on the aforementioned being theoretical and less and less original, and more and more rehashed form others anyway, as God created everything at the end of the day. No one knows everything except God.

Regarding boxing history, it is so vast when you consider how long the sport has been around.

Pertaining to things like how many weight classes and how international the sport is too. Boxing transcends sport for humanity like no other.

Boxing is one of those great sports that new fans to it, or old fans alike, can enjoy researching up on, putting on the old lab coat, taking notes with pen and paper and studying sweet science history.

There’s no question that there is no better sport than boxing when it comes to its history of greatest athletes.

There is a lot of change going on in boxing in some regards, new fans coming to the sport in their droves, from countries all around the world, which is great to see.

With that being said, boxing’s traditions should always be respected.

And never lost.

There’s a place for everyone of course but the sweet science is what it is at its core.

Pugilistic chess, skill, will, heart, speed, power, the hurt business and all the facets of unarmed combat engagement in how they were originally at the beginning of time.

It will be around at the end of time too.

Boxing is where it is for a reason. Tried and tested and stood the test of time.

Still the best sport in the world no matter what anyone says.

The numbers don’t lie.

If boxing can continue to try to make the best fights regularly where possible, there will be more good days ahead.


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