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Mayweather Opponent Reacts To Brother Getting Punched

Floyd Mayweather’s upcoming boxing exhibition opponent’s brother got a couple of smacks for his trouble by the looks of things.

In fairness, he’ll probably get a pay day too after his brother gets knocked out quickly in this upcoming exhibition.

So, you can understand why he started the scuffle in the first place to a degree.

Obviously, this isn’t high-level professional boxing and is entertainment first and foremost.

That said, there appears to be some legitimate boxing action on the undercard giving some young fighters opportunities.

Always a good thing to be fair.

As for the antics at the press conference announcing it — Mayweather’s opponent said the following:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)


Floyd Mayweather Punches Opponent's Brother Bareknuckle

Watch: Floyd Mayweather Punches Opponent’s Brother Bareknuckle