Watch: Tyson Fury Heckles Canelo Alvarez To His Face

It would appear that Billy Joe Saunders’ team and extended friends circle are in full flow and voice by the looks of it.

Aided now by none other than lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

The latest supporter drafted in this week to try to throw boxing star Canelo Aalvarez off his game.

This type stuff is all part of the circus and fun and games in professional boxing but you’d have to imagine someone as professional and dedicated as Canelo will be un-phased.

He did bite a little bit early in the week however in retaliation to one of Saunders’ team member’s shouting at him in another random hotel lobby.

He’s only human after all.

Fighters on fight week trying to make weight are always snappy and ready to be triggered by anything at all basically.

Now, Tyson Fury while sitting down chatting about the fight, if you go to 1 minute 12 seconds here — has added his weight with his singing aimed at Alvarez walking past him:

(Hat tip Seconds Out YouTube)

Saunders certainly has quite a lot of support in the fight week hotel by the looks of it.

That said, some 60,000 plus Mexicans will be there on fight night Saturday all for Alvarez.

That should be quite the atmosphere to put lightly.


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