Blonde Bombshell Reacts To Dazzling Women’s Boxing Fight

Women’s boxing’s momentum continued once again this weekend.

Another standout battle of back and forth action displayed at World Championship level.

Ireland’s Katie Taylor showed her metal again. As did her opponent Natasha Jonas of the UK. A tremendous match of skill and heart.

Continued tangible sweet science indoctrination for perhaps some diminishing women’s boxing detractors.

A subtle, and sometimes not so much, declining niche cohort of condescending fault finders, even.

These two ladies put on a heck of a show tonight in their chosen métier and God-given calling as boxers.

Winning plaudits from one of the biggest names in all of women’s boxing today.

Ebanie Bridges of Australia:

Indeed, Taylor’s attitude and professionalism is quite astonishing. A credit to her and all of boxing.

You can’t teach that kind of driven tunnel vision and focus.

God fearing Taylor has it in spades.


Female Boxing Champions React To Sensational Women's Boxing Fight

Boxing Champions React To Sensational Women’s Boxing Fight